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Gesture of the Gesture


Geste du Geste , was born from a desire to share and democratize art. Through her Paintings... , the artist makes her art accessible to all. Each piece is designed by hand, as a unique work of art, with a serial number and a title that characterizes it. For its first two limited series, the supports house shapes ranging from the most organic to the most geometric. These are drawn on a surface of bright colors and / or pastels. The variety of patterns and colors offers a wide range of choices so that everyone can find what they are looking for.


The brand offers the public a totally exclusive product, an artist's painting. In this sense, the artist works each product in its singularity. It is inspiration and everyday references that give birth to each piece. This is how Margarita invites all curious people to follow, step by step, her creative process to take advantage of the virtues offered by discovery and surprise.

Les Tableaux nomades

Exclusive pieces for unique people!


Les Tableaux dodo

For this new collection, Margarita designs each piece from A to Z, from sewing to painting. Exclusivity continues and will always be its primary objective.


Sleep chart #07

Sleep chart #39

Tableau dodo #22

Tableau dodo #25

Tableau dodo #14

Les objets éclatés

We don't throw anything away, we create with everything!



All the products displayed on this site are unique handmade pieces.

Geste du Geste

Is an online store

Margarita's studio is located in Nantes, France.